Satoshi Morita
Satoshi Morita [JP] schießen, schlagen, werfen, fangen...… 2006
Sound installation with objects laboratorium
Allianzgebäude am Ostbahnhof.
CD-player + headphones + Duration : permanent
Klasse Sabine Breitsameter Berlin
schießen, schlagen, werfen, fangen...… 2006, Sketch © Satoshi Morita
The air that swooshes around the ball. The noise when the ball hits people, the ground, or sports equipment. The cries of spectators. With sports, forceful motions in space and human enthusiasm can be heard.
Perception of space through sound. When something moves rapidly, the sound plays a large role in the perception of the motion in space. The listener's position relative to the surroundings determines how the acoustic movement in space will be perceived. [...]
Our ears are always at the centre of our auditory experience. If our own ears could be located outside of our bodies, what would we hear then? What kind of a sound world could we experience? A sound world that puts the ball's aural perspective at the centre. Through »Ears in the Ball« the dynamic motion of people and the surroundings is portrayed.
Satoshi Morita, born 1974 in Tokyo, Japan, lives and works in Berlin. Studied fine arts in Japan and Germany. Graduate work in "sound studies" at the UdK, Berlin. Morita's interest lies in the acoustic portrayal of space. He creates installations, exhibitions (selected): in a dining room 2003, Wewerka Pavillon, Münster; sound + mobile chair 2002, art kite museum, Detmold. Morita received a grant to study abroad from the Zokei University of Arts, Tokyo, Japan.