Marcus Michael Käubler
Marcus Michael Käubler [D] Rotation 2003/2006 Installation
laboratorium Allianz building at Ostbahnhof Photographic film + metal casing + loudspeaker + electric switches + lighting + Duration : permanent Class Christina Kubisch
Rotation 2003/2006, Skizze und Photographien, © Marcus Michael Käubler
the london underground is notable for the very special names of its stations. if one wants to understand this subterranean network as the arteries of human flows, then the names and dark channels are the only constants in this set-up. all the light, the movement and the accompanying stories are a kind of film that pauses only at night, and is played again in the morning. [...] I went from one station name to the next and photographed at the start and end of the trip, without consciously focussing. a red filter and slide film were used. at the same time, I recorded the accompanying sound with a data device and wrote everything down. over a period of several days, there emerged ca. 30 sequences of stations that interested me. the whole series of pictures has a strong reddish tinge, which corresponds to the mood of these underground sequences. in the exhibition, the sounds are selected and repeated, while in parallel, the pictures light up as little red discs in casings. as the light passes through the series of stations like the underground goes through the tunnel, and the accompanying sound circles along, this moving light changes quickly enough from station to station so that a rotation develops that simultaneously is sound. [Marcus Michael Käubler]
Marcus Michael Käubler , born 1973 in Stollberg/Erzgebirge, lives and works in Saarbrücken. Photography, concept, sound. After childhood and youth in the German Democratic Republic, a year-long overland journey through Asia changed my point of view. Later I realised a half-year conceptual photgraphic project in Calcutta. After more exhibitions and projects, came the study of fine arts at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar.