Michael Graeve
Michael Graeve [USA] Psc 2006 Sound and painting installation
laboratorium Allianzgebäude am Ostbahnhof amplifiers + loudspeakers + CD + painting + Duration : variabel Class Nicolas Collins Chicago
While it has been said that music is the most abstract of the arts, discussions concerning non-figuration are now firmly married to the history of painting. Painting's foremost dimension is spatial and sound's foremost dimension is temporal. When they overlap in concept, or in installation space, there is a proliferation of both relations and un-relations, a proliferation of both correspondences and incoherencies. It is such falling-together and falling-apart that drives my investigation.
Michael Graeve, born 1971 in Melbourne/Auistralien, lives in Melbourne und Chicago. Michael Graeve works across sound and painting disciplines through installation, performance and composition. In 2005 he was Australia Council resident at the International Studio and Curatorial Program ISCP, New York, and commenced an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Previous degrees from RMIT, Melbourne Australia, include a BFA (1995) and a MA Media Arts (2004). He was a founding member of Grey Area Art Space Inc (1996-1999) and Program Manager at West Space Inc (2001-2004). In 2002 he curated Gating, a sound and visual exhibition and CD release featuring 29 artists. www.michaelgraeve.com